I’m always harping on about how Malawi can sometimes surprise u… Did u know that we are quite fashion forward here in Malawi??! Those of you who follow trends will know that the new spring thing in the rest of the world is flatforms! If you have no idea what these are do not despair! Flatforms are a combination of the platform and flat shoe and have been dubbed the ‘shoe of 2011’. What the fashion critics don’t know is these have been Shoe of 1985, 86, 87….. 2011 in Malawi! Take that Anna Wintour! We are way ahead of you over here, so much for cutting edge.

Below, are offerings from Chanel and Derek Lam

But forget the catwalk, our women are already rocking them on the streets on Blantyre!

at the atm....

in the office!

Now, I’m certainly one to move with fashion, but here I draw the line. These shoes are borderline abominations. I find them very ugly. Comfortable yes, attractive no (thoughts of crocs creeping into my head- don’t get me started again!). Points to the nature of the fickle fashion industry. Sometimes I wonder if the people in the industry say ‘look at these ugly shoes, I bet I can make them trendy’, succeed and then proceed to literally laugh all the way to the bank! tsk tsk… shame on US…

Having said that I have been known to change my mind, I thought the same of Ugg boots but soon made them a staple in England! Ditto ponchos (I hated ponchos!). Points to the fickle nature of my mind I guess! 🙂 Hence why I’m into fashion?

Anywhoo, back to the more mundane daily duties- policing of these streets. I have to thank my fellow officers/correspondents out there for these.

OFFENDER A- One print too many

a lil too much

Don’t even get me started on the cycling shorts underneath. Never underestimate the ability of an individual to put the most random things together (remember the clash- I warned you about this)


Red Gentleman

I’m on the fence about this one. My fellow officer regarded him an offender but there’s something I like about the ensemble.. I like it when people go for it! Red on red, white on white, why not! The important thing is the guy has a POINT OF VIEW. He certainly stands out in a sea of standard..

Have a good weekend all!


About tombozgani

Fashion is fun!! Take a second out of life's more pressing demands to ponder over the gender and character of say, a skirt! "for skirts are quite masculine by nature"
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5 Responses to Surprise!

  1. Iza says:

    flatforms are NOT ON! how dare they even try and pas that as a trend. and the annoying thing when u go shoe shopping they are everywhere..its offensive! bring back sexy shoes!

  2. smatgal says:

    Jesus Christ the printed lady! somebody needs to prune her!

  3. fierce says:

    OH MY GOSHH..this is wayyy wayy to funny, and I soo hate flatforms. Those were high heel shoes that I wore in 2001, at my 5th grade graduation. And now they keep trying to bring the 90’s back…..ahhh blahh,not gna happen

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