If the shoe fits…

..doesn’t mean you should wear it.

Malawians, this can also be applied to all forms of clothing. Just because it fits you, doesn’t mean you should wear it.

So, in the spirit of constructive criticism, let us spell out some simple rules:

1. When you find a pile of clothes with loads of different prints, walk away.

What is going on?

Lets speculate that maybe this unaware individual was going to a Mexican pinata party. This still would not be ok. Next time, just walk away. Stick to T-shirt and jeans…

…that is of-course, unless your a young fashionista, who knows what she’s doing! Observe-

Stripes and print- done right

with some hot funky shoes

Here we have a striped shirt, printed pants, brown shoes.. Does it look garish? Au contraire! It looks good, because she KNOWS wat she’s doing. (Even the carpet appears to be working with her!)

Whereas others, sadly unaware, come up with this-

Sportswear gone bad, very bad

Cease and desist mon frere, cease and desist. This unfortunate combination, as seen in Blue elephant (as mentioned before, an infamous fashion crime scene!) should never be repeated again.

2. If it doesn’t compliment your body shape, walk away..

Lets spell it out- when we say fit, we mean the correct size for your body. For example, behold Gent in pharmacy below:

perfect shirt and slacks

The shirt and slacks fit perfectly, complimenting his figure and making him look rather GQ (wink wink). On the opposite side of the spectrum-

too tight.. in all the wrong places

Na-uhhhh girl, na-uhhhh. This girl needs clothes that emphasize her curves in the right places, to compliment her body shape. The fit is everything, if it oversized or too small, don’t wear it!!


About tombozgani

Fashion is fun!! Take a second out of life's more pressing demands to ponder over the gender and character of say, a skirt! "for skirts are quite masculine by nature"
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4 Responses to If the shoe fits…

  1. Antonia says:

    this is truly horrific…. the first pic had ma jaw droppin to the ground!!!!!

  2. Lucinda says:

    Laugh out loud!

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