We are currently in a recession. Globally and nationally. This is a fact that cannot be refuted even by the most wordsmithy wordsmith (with a doctorate) or animated spin (witch) doctor. How is this reflected in our everyday outerwear? Does outerwear even matter when you can’t get out (since you have no fuel!)? The answer is yes!! Coco Chanel herself was inspired by the need to be thrifty and practical during World War I, so who are we mere mortals to bow down and give in at the mere tossing about of the word devaluation?? Besides, you look good you feel good (very necessary considering the times). So let us examine how we’ve been doing.

Firstly, the words thrift and practicality prompt the need for a quick lesson in fashionomics.

Lesson 1: Balance of payments
We are currently a net importing nation. We are all aware of the extent to which this reaches- we do not even manufacture our own toothpicks. At a time when foreign exchange is such a precious commodity, should we also be importing clothes as well? Especially when our priorities should lie with the obvious? Lets look at local v. international, ladies casual:

Miss Dingi- "Imported"
Miss Dingi- “Imported”
Miss Yiwo "Local"
Miss Yiwo “Local”

Tough call right? Both girls look fabulous. Interesting to note both pairs of shoes are imported! Bata needs some competition local shoe manufacturers out there.. Lets look at the gents looking casual:

Mr Wilson "Imported"
Mr Wilson “Imported”
Mr Model - Wearing local designer Lilly Alphonso at FAME
Mr ‘Model’ – Wearing local designer Lilly Alphonso at FAME

So ladies which one would you want chatting you up at the bar (given present economic circumstances mind you!!!). Shout out to Rob for supporting local industry and drinking local beer! p.s who isssss this Malawi’s own Tyson Beckford???!! I’m loving them both!

Lesson 2: Insider Trading
When it comes to fashionomics, insider trading is very important. This implies you have more pertinent information than other parties allowing you to make a better ‘deal’. When it comes to formal wear, the ‘westerners’ have got that access to information working for them. Especially when it comes to the gents. They have been making tuxedos for years and years and when the design has not evolved much for the last 100 years its near perfection (after all, natural selection has weeded out all the weak designs- ooooh I digress, that’s another days lesson- fashionology). We are hard-done by trying to make our own version of it:

Mr Model at Fame- "Local"
Mr ‘Model No. 2’ at Fame- “Local”
Uncle Mossy and DK do classic Tux- “Imported”

See. Compared to the mens casual were Tyson was twerking it, here, old school beats new school.

How does women’s formal wear compare, since this is in constant evolution so prior information is not applicable? This is evident in the similar designs for both imported and local you can see below:

Miss T and Miss I- "Imported"
Miss Iza and Moi- “Imported”
Ms Lilly Alphonso former FAME winner at FAME and Moi going “LOCAALLLL!”

Hard to say hey.. But i say local is lekker (yes in a foreign language). So lets deal with this slump with sartorical aplomb and reclaim (NOT remove!) our fashion destiny! Aluta Continua!


About tombozgani

Fashion is fun!! Take a second out of life's more pressing demands to ponder over the gender and character of say, a skirt! "for skirts are quite masculine by nature"
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8 Responses to Fashionomics

  1. Lucinda says:

    Very well-written.

  2. Chiccu Gondwe says:

    Hie My name is Chiccu Gondwe. Am a Fashion Designer. I say True that and big up to you for this post.. Let’s embrace local designers and grow our Local Fashion Industry. Lets look at Nigeria, South Africa & Ghana as examples. Their Local Fashion industry has grown so much, and it is positively contributing to the countries economy.

    • tombozgani says:

      Thanks Chiccu. I absolutely agree! We spend so much money of foreign clothes instead of keeping it in our own economy. our friends in South Africa and West Africa embrace their local fashion. Do u have a website? I would love to look at your stuff!

  3. Iza says:

    Such a good read as always…..i missed these Tombo! cant wait for fashionology! And yes we should support our local…encourage the local designers etc..maybe I’ll start tonight if you got something I can borrow 😉

  4. Grace dzimbasekwa says:

    Am loving this.

  5. mathias says:

    Im Mathias and I normaly try going on your blog and I want to feature in it. ps Im a big fan. great to see some one keeping track of the versace versatility ov clothing today

  6. The choices were really easy to make according to my taste 🙂 Local is so much prettier!

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