Fashion and Brains- Oil and Water?

Phade Collection- FAME 2012

Phade Collection- FAME 2012

Friends, Romans, countrymen.. I apologize for my tardiness in posting (especially to a certain Ms Mila!). I have been lacking in inspiration due to a number of factors- 1. Being busy with work work 2. Bored of trying to take pictures on the sly 3. General Laziness etc etc etc

That said here I am, back with a bang on the heels of FAME 2012!! FAME, which has caused an interesting phenomena ever since certain individuals in my life discovered I was in the ‘fashion world’ (I was secretly very chuffed, imagining myself in quirky glasses providing commentary at some cocktail party about the state of the fashion world at the moment being in  considerable flux or something intellectual sounding). Anyway, so suddenly, because I am in this ‘fashion world’ my opinions started being silly or very frivolous. For. Example. A very heated discussion was taking place on the merits or lack thereof of Margaret Thatcher. I said I admired her very much. This was sharply followed by a ‘Whyyyy- because her suits matched her handbags?’. Ha ha HAAAA. And indeed all points I made further were also dismissed withh some ridiculous ‘fashion/girly’ remark.

Which led me to thinking, is fashion really only for airheads? Anna Wintour complained in the documentary the September Issue that her siblings looked down on her for editing Vogue- one of the most influential magazines in the world. Indeed she is one of the most influential people in a billion dollar industry, yet she still feels a sense of insecurity in her chosen profession.  To be perfectly honest, I too feel like people don’t take me seriously when I have my ‘fashion hat’ on. But should fashion even be serious? Is it just a bit of fun?

These were questions I was grappling with when BOOM! Oprah was surpassed by Folorunsho Alakidja as the richest black woman in the world!! A woman who primarily made her fortune in oil but is an renowned fashion designer and well-known peer of Nigerian Fashion. Click click click went things in my brain!! Blatantly, you can be an oil tycoon and a fashion genius (at the same d@mn time!!!!) Dilemma conquered, I shall pursue my Engineering career, while remaining an ‘influential’ peer of Malawian Fashion. Don’t you start- my influence has already begun- yours truly was a judge at this years FAME! Post to come (after the newspaper prints it dears) Suffice to say it was fab! And I am obsessed with Paledi Segapo, designer of Palse Homme who showed last on the night.

Palse Homme Collection- FAME 2012

Palse Homme Collection- FAME 2012

Uh huh. Malawian brothers please take a cue. Look at this perfection!!

And THIS brought the house down. The way us ladies screamed you would think we had been kept in a Siberian prison for seven years without a male in sight!!! (Some people do say… ok I won’t go there….)

Eyecandy-  FAME 2012

Eyecandy- FAME 2012

Look out for the full piece on FAME 2012 in next weeks papers when I talk about all the fabulous collections!!

Pictures courtesy of Mars Photography


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Fashion is fun!! Take a second out of life's more pressing demands to ponder over the gender and character of say, a skirt! "for skirts are quite masculine by nature"
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  1. Chuck Deuces says:

    Nice work. What’s you’re email? How can I contact you?

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