I am interested in trying to find a true reflection of Malawian Fashion, unique to us and not a version of Nigerian or South African trends. My blog http://www.fashionpolicmw.wordpress.com examines Malawian street fashion, and highlights what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong in my opinion. It is a fun blog aimed at poking humour at our sartorial mistakes but also showcasing those whose dress sense and style makes them stand out, regardless of income or exposure.


4 Responses to About

  1. tombo says:

    Who are you? I would totally like to see what you wear cos a lot of your fashion thumbs up i think are errrn not so great.. I think you need a fashion police yourself.. I like the awareness you creating, but you need to do better and know fashion first before you consider yourself the fashion Po-po..

    • tombozgani says:

      Well maybe I should do one on myself, it would be a good idea to show people my own style… And i don’t profess to be Anna Wintour, but I believe my knowledge of fashion is enough for me to put forward my opinion. If you think my fashion thumbs up aren’t so great, that fine! That’s the beauty of fashion- one man’s food is another man’s poison!

  2. mskeri says:

    OMG…So we ave fashion police in malawi?… am excited.. we should totally link up…i ave a few pipo in mind we can arrest..wink wink…

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